Pilot RTTM System (I-93, I-90, and Rt. 3)

Client MassDOT    Location Massachusetts    Duration 2012 - Present   

As part of two separate projects, KCUS furnished, installed, and continues to operate and maintain the two pilot Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) implementations within Massachusetts. These implementations utilize Bluetooth readers, Portable Variable Message Signs (PVMS), and supporting software to deliver a system capable of collecting travel time and/or average speed data from a third party travel time provider (TrafficCast). These real time travel times are then posted on twenty two PVMS along the I-93 corridor, twenty seven PVMS along I-90, and fifteen PVMS along Route 3. KCUS used TrafficCast technology and BlueTOAD™ (Bluetooth Travel-time Origination and Destination) receivers in order to compile and process travel time data. These receivers detect unique MAC Addresses from mobile devices that feature Bluetooth technology (such as “hands-free” headsets, in-dash sync services, smart phones, and personal navigation devices) as they pass by. The system then calculates travel time by analyzing timestamps on subsequent tags. The resulting travel times are post-processed and posted, in real time, to PVMS on the roadway.

The PVMS associated with the pilot system have been temporarily integrated into the GoTime Statewide RTTM System until the permanent installations on I-93, I-90, and Rt. 3 go live.