GoTime - Statewide RTTM System

Client MassDOT    Location Massachusetts    Duration 2014 - 2019   

KCUS is currently implementing, operating, and maintaining a software system for Massachusetts’ permanent Statewide Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) implementation dubbed GoTime. This project encompasses the design, development, and operation of software that manages and controls one hundred and forty-six (146) Hybrid VMS and two hundred and ninety-one (291) Bluetooth Reader-based installations throughout Massachusetts. The system uses MAC addresses detected by the deployed Bluetooth Readers to calculate travel times. The travel times are processed, analyzed, and posted to the Hybrid VMS in order to inform drivers of current traffic conditions.
KCUS's Statewide RTTM software includes a browser-based application that provides users with operational and situational awareness tools. This application includes an interactive map, a real-time dashboard, reporting tools, real-time field device monitoring functionality, and alarm and trouble ticket tracking. KCUS will also be performing field device maintenance operations one year after system acceptance.