Advanced Traffic Management System/
Advanced Traveler Information System Design

Client MassDOT    Location Massachusetts    Duration 2013 - 2014   

KCUS provided technical support to MassDOT on the design of a new Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)/Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS). The system will be used at the Highway Operations Center (HOC) as the central traffic management system used to manage and respond to incidents occurring along the Massachusetts highway network. The software solution will also consolidate the multiple systems that are currently used for incident and traffic management into a single, unified platform. The ATMS/ATIS will be tightly integrated with the IPCS/SCADA to form MassDOT’s envisioned ITMS.
KCUS followed the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Systems Engineering Process to ensure that the implemented system will meet its operational needs, institutional requirements, and vision for future expansion and integration. KCUS assisted MassDOT in the development of a Concept of Operations, System Requirements Specification, and High-Level Design.