Kanaan Consulting US, Inc. is a Boston-based transportation consulting firm that offers comprehensive multimodal transportation consulting services. We partner with our clients to move people and cargo more efficiently by applying cutting-edge solutions and innovative yield management concepts.

Innovative Thinking & Practical Advice
Transportation systems in the 21st Century will reflect the impulses and expectations of our techno-centric era. KCUS offers clients multimodal transportation consulting services that are focused on leveraging and deploying intelligent systems to improve service delivery, enhance operational efficiencies, collect data and disseminate actionable real-time information to public sector agencies and citizens.
KCUS was awarded the contract for the Massachusetts Statewide Real Time Trafffic Management (RTTM) System.
In October KCUS moved to East Cambridge. The new office is located at 43 Thorndike Street in Bulfinch Square.
KCUS offered technical assistance to the Colombian Ministry of Transport regarding the implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies.